Bright Eye Security Technology

Eyes Where You Need Them Most

Bright Eye has developed a number of security devices that provide mobile security and surveillance for Police or Military, other enforcement branches of government, or for public safety.  They are highly mobile, deploy rapidly and easily, and can operate for extended periods of time.  Moreover, they are highly cost effective in these times of shrinking public budgets.

Our devices can provide rapid deploy mobile surveillance when necessary, or can establish a group of security cameras networked together to provide a widely monitored area without the need for multiple security personnel, stretching resources efficiently.  They can be solar powered when being set up temporarily, or in an area without easy access to a power source.
We also have a solution to provide public safety by monitoring public transit or school buses, with the ability to securely and remotely access over IP via computer/tablet/smartphone should the need arise.  The system can record for an extended period of time, with the recording being time indexed for ease of accessing any particular period.  In addition, the system has the option of wirelessly and automatically transferring stored video to our master Video Storage Server at the vehicles garaging home location.

Providing Safety and Security

Our Bright Eye under vehicle scanning system can provide a high level of threat assessment and prevention in an easily deployed and portable device.  This can provide an easy and high level of safety and security for locations like airports, power generating stations, border crossings, or other important government installations, allowing a rapid inspection without delaying the flow of traffic.  Additional sensors can be ordered to add even higher security levels as needed.
Our products are designed to be highly effective, easy to use, and inexpensive to acquire and operate. 

Featured Products:

Mobile Surveillance

Under Vehicle Inspection


Solar CCTV