Under Vehicle Inspection System

Bright Eye’s Under Vehicle Inspection System provides a system that is portable, inexpensive, and easy to use to view the undercarriage side of automobiles.  This system allows a rapid viewing to assess for any suspect material that could indicate the presence of a threat, without the traditional stick and mirror system that has been used in the past.  This allows the inspector to be at a safe distance from any threat, gives a complete view (and recording if desired) of the underside that cannot be done with a mirror, and still maintains a rapid flow of vehicles at key entry points. 

Preventing congestion of high volume points of entry, such as border crossings and airports, makes the system more efficient and effective, and eliminates potential stress and frustration of those using the entry point.
The system is very simple in its execution.  A portable speed bump can be placed on the ground at the access point, requiring vehicle traffic to drive over it.  Incorporated into the speed bump is a high quality digital video camera with a wide angle view, capable of seeing the entirety of the underside of the vehicle being inspected.  The camera transmits wirelessly to a receiver and video display that can be viewed in real time at the entry point¸ or even remotely if desired.  In most cases the front license plate will be captured as well.

If desired a MESH network of cameras can be established over a wide area, all feeding into one receiver and monitor, increasing the coverage area without the expense of increasing staffing levels.