Bright Eye Public Transit Security

Bright Eye offers a simple and inexpensive system for providing a vastly increased level of security and safety for users of public transit, be it School or Transit buses, or trains.  A simple and small camera system can be easily and discreetly installed into the front of the vehicle, giving the ability to record activities at length.  Video footage can be time indexed to ease later searches should the need to review it arise. 

Installing such an inexpensive and yet effective system can lead to a safer transit system, and an increase in successful prosecution of any offenders looking to use the transit system for untoward reasons.   Increased safety and security can translate to higher ridership and revenue for the transit system in the long run, helping reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions, as well as balance public budgets.

In the event of an emergency situation the camera can be securely password accessed via IP with any type of device, giving emergency responders the ability to see and assess the situation first hand, allowing them to make better and safer decisions.