Bright Eye Solar CCTV

Bright Eye’s Solar CCTV product is a great way to expand safety zones outside of direct building mounts.  Our solar CCTV can provide additional security to areas that are not easily hard wired such as:

  • Railway crossings
  • Construction zones
  • Open air parking garages
  • Border crossings
  • Bus stops
  • Farmland with livestock enclosures
  • Pipelines

Without the need for a hard wired solution, our system can be easily set up for either temporary monitoring, with the ability to rotate locations, or can be set up on a permanent basis when the desire for prolonged monitoring in an area without easy access to infrastructure.
In addition, Bright Eye’s solar CCTV is a green choice, utilizing the power of the sun rather than accessing the existing power grid, reducing the demand for environmentally harsh power sources such as coal and other hydrocarbons. 

Our Solar CCTV can even be a good choice when being mounted on a building with access to power, as it can save the significant cost of contracting  electricians to run power and video cables for hard wired solutions.  Being wireless our system can be very easily, rapidly, and inexpensively set up and installed.

Our system can be customized to whatever your needs may be.  Please contact us today for more details, or to discuss your application in further detail.